My problems with philosophy.

Philosophy isn’t a good path for me to go on.

For the simple reason that philosophy is of the mind, and mind for me is the most corrupted part of human being.

Philosophers just keep on asking the ‘whys’ and ‘whats’.

Which are good up to an extent but… In asking the ‘whats’ they forget how to live life, because mind cannot live life, it can only make it miserable for you.

If you are too much into mind, you will surely forget the heart, and only heart can live life.

How marriage goes.

I have heard that two married couples went into a mental hospital,

The husband saw a man, who has gone mad.

He asked the doctor that what has happened to him that he has gone that insane,

Doctor replied, “Well, he loved a woman but she didn’t marry him. So he has gone mad now.

And then, the couples saw another man, well he was mad too.

Then, they asked the doctor again, ” Then, why has he gone mad?”

The doctor replied, ” Because he got married.”


A simulation of existence.

Memories of my past are all here,

Never gone, never lost.

Still subsiding deep into my unconscious.

But knowing it was the hard truth,

Knowing that you have loved a million times,

Knowing that you have hated a million times,

Knowing that you have had the lust a million times.

But still they don’t look old to you,

I even know loving a million times didn’t satisfied me,

I was still unhappy,

a million times.

Knowing everything you are doing now is not new, you have done it a million times.

But still you repeat the same mistakes,

I was a murderer, I was a disciple, I was a bird, I am a record of all existence.

I have been through every class, been through many universities, have had many parents,

I have been a soldier, who killed others for no reason, been everything, Your friend, your foe, your lover, I was very much related to you.

And now I am here, writing to you, in this very moment of my journey.

Completing the circle and then starting again but I know I am very much close to escape it, then I will never meet you.

Thanks for being with me on this very big journey,

You may not be able to understand it but it was a great journey, I know you will never recognise me but still I am grateful to be here with you because tomorrow I will be somewhere else and you guys will be somewhere else.

Ransher, ~keya✌️

Is Dead.

Knowing that you are dead,

Takes away a part of me.

Even though, my body cannot feel the presence of you,

I can still feel the breezes of wind,

Bringing some message for me.

My soul is touched by your energy,

Sorry, I haven’t met you, when you were alive.

I hope that desire won’t hurt you,

I know you haven’t died in peace,

Because i wasn’t there.

But the moment you died, i felt a close piece of me dying.

I could feel your energy, coming out of your body, Even though we are far away.

and now maybe it’s too late to meet,

But hope one day, We could,

And that day I know you would be unknown to me,

I will feel the presence of you, even i don’t know in which body you are.

And you will too know, that i am the unknown, You are searching for.


God: More of a problem than solution.

The biggest mystery of all

Is there any God?

People are so helpless that they cannot take their responsibilities.

They love to leave everything on an imaginary being, which they call ‘God’.

They have not grown up, like when they were a child, Parents were there to depend upon,

But even after leaving our parents that urge to depend hasn’t ceased.

People still need a father to depend upon, that’s why christians call God their ‘Father’.

My view is there is no such a supernatural being, it is just people’s urge to depend upon something,

That brings God into the picture.

And by saying there is no God, I am not saying the world is just a material.

God according to Buddha was a law, if you behave according to the law, you will be happy and that’s why there are no prayers done in buddhism, at least when buddha was there.

This completely destroys the idea of dependency on a supernatural being,

You cannot pray to a law, it will not listen, you just have to act according to the law.

Responsibility is yours, God is something you cannot understand,

It is very much beyond your understanding, You just remember the law, that you have to stay according to it.

You have even made a God a supernatural ‘being’.

A ‘being’ just like you ,corrupted, who only listens to those who pray.

I hope you have understood,

Thanks for reading so far,


What was it?

In my dream,

I was with a person, i don’t know about.

I was upstairs with him, in my house,

I just suddenly got the tendency to go downstairs,

My parents were sleeping in their room, and i just thought to check on them with him.

For some reasons, he was not willing to go down,

So, I decided to go on my own,

I went into the room where my parents were sleeping,

But suddenly I realised it wasn’t looking ordinary (The way it was supposed to look.)

I stood there for a few minutes and realised that something was on the chair, the moment i was being concious of that, I woke up and found myself instead sleeping on the bed, at 2:20AM. Just moments before a accident happened.