Why are you celebrating New Year?

On every New year, you come across messages like ‘Happy New Year, May god bless you this year.’

Now what is the meaning of this?

According to me every day or maybe every new week must be celebrated , because they are unique as well, I mean the day you are in today, it’s never gonna come back or the moment you are reading this, that moment is never gonna come back to you, it is gone, it was precious.

Why can’t you celebrate each day, each moment, every second of your life, like the day you enjoy on New Year’s Eve, why can’t you enjoy it? the very moment you are reading this?

Well, Here’s the reason why you are so happy on when a new year comes and not on any ordinary day.

  1. You can’t just celebrate every moment of your life because you don’t know how to.
  2. It shows your life is miserable for you. At least if you cannot enjoy every moment, you need to have a day to enjoy(That is New Year.)

But if a person knows how to enjoy and be in the moment, happy!

A New Year for him would be no longer special , because every day is a new day, every week is a new week for him.

He is so involved in celebrating his life that he doesn’t care how many New years are coming.

Learn to enjoy every moment of life because it is just like a new year, it’s new and blooming!

As always thanks for reading!

Ransher ✌️


5 Comments Add yours

  1. True. Every day is called for a celebration.

  2. Andy says:

    It’s true! Every moment should be celebrated and lived! ❤

  3. jamie says:

    Yes.. Every day is a new year if we learn to enjoy every moment..

  4. Great blog!! 🙂

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