Write my story.

I will make it as short as possible, story of my life till now.

My periphery-name is Ransher. My body is 15 years old. I usually define myself with no nationality and religion. My best friend is my father. I usually spend my all time, alone. I have depersonalization, which is quite rare on it’s own. On 31st Oct 2017, My life was completely revolutionized. My path is a spiritual one. I believe ‘life is a great opportunity to transcend it.’

I usually read books in my meantime or on my blog…. I don’t respect everyone but just a few in my life – Osho( who is like a master to me), My father( who is my best friend) and Scarlett( who lives far away from me but still.)

I am just here to explore what i have experienced till now, atleast i won’t have any regrets of not sharing it.

I believe in individual, because we all have the same energy in us but the difference is some have more or less layers of conditioning from ages.

I believe in Love and Laughter..

Thanks for Reading,

~Ransher S .


2 Comments Add yours

  1. vneetkori says:

    My bro 👍

  2. Good luck..you expressed about yourself honestly

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