One with no identity.

A person with no identity,

A person with no name,

A person with no religion,

A person with no nationality,

One with no body and soul,

One who has transcend both,

One who has completed his desires for lust, fame, power and money.

One who has arrived at a point where he is no longer he,

Where he is not longing for anyone or anything.

Where he can be lost into oneself,

Where there needs nobody with him,

Where he is willing to die completely, with his body and soul,

Where he has no desires to live,

Where he admits he will be no longer there, even his soul won’t be there, where he is not saving himself from death.

There lies a real Buddha….


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Loved the blog post!! So creative! And amazing!

  2. I love this beautiful poem. Thank you

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