God: More of a problem than solution.

The biggest mystery of all

Is there any God?

People are so helpless that they cannot take their responsibilities.

They love to leave everything on an imaginary being, which they call ‘God’.

They have not grown up, like when they were a child, Parents were there to depend upon,

But even after leaving our parents that urge to depend hasn’t ceased.

People still need a father to depend upon, that’s why christians call God their ‘Father’.

My view is there is no such a supernatural being, it is just people’s urge to depend upon something,

That brings God into the picture.

And by saying there is no God, I am not saying the world is just a material.

God according to Buddha was a law, if you behave according to the law, you will be happy and that’s why there are no prayers done in buddhism, at least when buddha was there.

This completely destroys the idea of dependency on a supernatural being,

You cannot pray to a law, it will not listen, you just have to act according to the law.

Responsibility is yours, God is something you cannot understand,

It is very much beyond your understanding, You just remember the law, that you have to stay according to it.

You have even made a God a supernatural ‘being’.

A ‘being’ just like you ,corrupted, who only listens to those who pray.

I hope you have understood,

Thanks for reading so far,



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tanusri sen says:

    Yes, I also feel that God is a “verb” not a “noun”. Verb means good action.. Thank you

  2. denise421win says:

    I am glad I believe that God is love and all our troubles would be solved if we could simply learn how good it is for persons to share care a and spread love everywhere… I am glad I have seen the difference that love makes in this messed world. And life is everything, those who don’t have it are buried so it is best to live it in the greatest way and do the important things

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