Is Dead.

Knowing that you are dead,

Takes away a part of me.

Even though, my body cannot feel the presence of you,

I can still feel the breezes of wind,

Bringing some message for me.

My soul is touched by your energy,

Sorry, I haven’t met you, when you were alive.

I hope that desire won’t hurt you,

I know you haven’t died in peace,

Because i wasn’t there.

But the moment you died, i felt a close piece of me dying.

I could feel your energy, coming out of your body, Even though we are far away.

and now maybe it’s too late to meet,

But hope one day, We could,

And that day I know you would be unknown to me,

I will feel the presence of you, even i don’t know in which body you are.

And you will too know, that i am the unknown, You are searching for.



7 Comments Add yours

      1. BallesWorld says:

        With pleasure 🙂

  1. Its surely took a very emotional mindset to write this piece. Great.👌👌👌

      1. It is my pleasure.🙂

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