My problems with philosophy.

Philosophy isn’t a good path for me to go on.

For the simple reason that philosophy is of the mind, and mind for me is the most corrupted part of human being.

Philosophers just keep on asking the ‘whys’ and ‘whats’.

Which are good up to an extent but… In asking the ‘whats’ they forget how to live life, because mind cannot live life, it can only make it miserable for you.

If you are too much into mind, you will surely forget the heart, and only heart can live life.


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  1. BookOfPain says:

    I wholeheartedly agree that ideas that begin in words and end in words honor only the writer’s ego, and is the problem with much western philosophy developed by nihilistic philosophers who often could not even follow their own ideas. But philosophy itself is not wrong. You should read the Tao of Pooh, and if that is not too much the Te of Piglet, I think you might enjoy them.


  2. Megala says:

    So true! Sometimes we have to listen to our heart too.

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