One with no identity.

A person with no identity,

A person with no name,

A person with no religion,

A person with no nationality,

One with no body and soul,

One who has transcend both,

One who has completed his desires for lust, fame, power and money.

One who has arrived at a point where he is no longer he,

Where he is not longing for anyone or anything.

Where he can be lost into oneself,

Where there needs nobody with him,

Where he is willing to die completely, with his body and soul,

Where he has no desires to live,

Where he admits he will be no longer there, even his soul won’t be there, where he is not saving himself from death.

There lies a real Buddha….

Inner Music: Soundless sound.

I am writing this, listening to some music,

Which You cannot hear, which you cannot understand.

Music which will go on playing even if you don’t hear it,

Juices of life are in it, The true harmony it is spreading.

It is making clear the line between life and death, making death more real than life.

It is going on parallel with you, the truth is going parallel with you.

And you will realise it when you are no longer there, only the parallel will remain and that parallel is the ultimate truth.

In which all fake would be no more there.


~ Unknown

Write my story.

I will make it as short as possible, story of my life till now.

My periphery-name is Ransher. My body is 15 years old. I usually define myself with no nationality and religion. My best friend is my father. I usually spend my all time, alone. I have depersonalization, which is quite rare on it’s own. On 31st Oct 2017, My life was completely revolutionized. My path is a spiritual one. I believe ‘life is a great opportunity to transcend it.’

I usually read books in my meantime or on my blog…. I don’t respect everyone but just a few in my life – Osho( who is like a master to me), My father( who is my best friend) and Scarlett( who lives far away from me but still.)

I am just here to explore what i have experienced till now, atleast i won’t have any regrets of not sharing it.

I believe in individual, because we all have the same energy in us but the difference is some have more or less layers of conditioning from ages.

I believe in Love and Laughter..

Thanks for Reading,

~Ransher S .

Being in Love.

People have different ideologies of What is love?

But in every ideology, There lies a common point ( Love is always for a lover.)

But, Love according to me is your very being.

Or you can say ‘Love is inside not in a lover.’

Most people think they need a lover to love,

But the thing they lack is love itself, So If you can’t feel love inside you, cannot feel the radiations of it in you , The beauty of it than the so called ‘love’ is lacking in you and you go on searching for a lover, thinking that you know what love is. When you meet your lover, things don’t go the way they were supposed to go because at the end if you don’t have love, how can you share it?

After all what you have, can be shared only.

And all of us have more misery than love so, most of the time we end up sharing our misery, our loneliness with a lover because You cannot share love if you don’t have it inside.

Before , finding someone to love.

See inside you, Is there any love there or just loneliness which you want to share with somebody?

Thanks for reading,

Hope you have got the essence behind this.


Why are you celebrating New Year?

On every New year, you come across messages like ‘Happy New Year, May god bless you this year.’

Now what is the meaning of this?

According to me every day or maybe every new week must be celebrated , because they are unique as well, I mean the day you are in today, it’s never gonna come back or the moment you are reading this, that moment is never gonna come back to you, it is gone, it was precious.

Why can’t you celebrate each day, each moment, every second of your life, like the day you enjoy on New Year’s Eve, why can’t you enjoy it? the very moment you are reading this?

Well, Here’s the reason why you are so happy on when a new year comes and not on any ordinary day.

  1. You can’t just celebrate every moment of your life because you don’t know how to.
  2. It shows your life is miserable for you. At least if you cannot enjoy every moment, you need to have a day to enjoy(That is New Year.)

But if a person knows how to enjoy and be in the moment, happy!

A New Year for him would be no longer special , because every day is a new day, every week is a new week for him.

He is so involved in celebrating his life that he doesn’t care how many New years are coming.

Learn to enjoy every moment of life because it is just like a new year, it’s new and blooming!

As always thanks for reading!

Ransher ✌️

A Short story about Lao Tzu.

Lao Tzu was one the of the few who set his journey to find out what was beyond world, the world as we know it.

A Short story has been extracted from his teachings:

There lies a big mistake, that we make in everyday life.

Lao Tzu will be denoted by ‘Lao’

Lao Tzu and his friend always goes for a morning walk. They love to see nature and it’s beautiful creatures.

But today, his friend bought his brother with him,

When Lao and his friend went for the morning walks, it was like an unspoken rule between them to not speak but just to walk in silence,

But Today, his friend’s brother is with them for the walk.

It was unusual for him to walk in silence, because he has a habit of talking, all the time!

He said : ” Wow! Today, nature looks beautiful.”

Lao and his friend remained in silence and didn’t speak anything at the moment.

When they returned home, Lao said to his friend, ”Do not bring your brother tomorrow, he speaks too much.”

But his friend was in shock he said,” but he didn’t speak much, he just said that the ‘Nature is looking beautiful today’ and nothing much.”

Lao said that is the problem if he knows nature is looking beautiful today and I know and you knows it as well, then what is the meaning of saying it? Everybody knows nature is looking beautiful but when he put that beauty into words, He just made it less beautiful. Everything was going well for me until he spoke those words.

It’s really true, people have a bad habit of speaking all the time. Sometimes we speak useless things, as it was with my experience, Me and my friend were sitting outside a park and it was really cold, we both were feeling the cold and he knows it too but still he says, “Today, it’s very cold.”

What kind of information was he giving to me?

We have that useless habit of speaking over mundane things.

Well, I hope you have learnt something here!

Thanks for reading,

Ransher, ~Keya